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Froggyman here. Welcome to B. Trainz, where I post all my Trainz mods and other such things. If you have any questions, comments, etc, you can contact me directly at twitter. Enjoy our content! This is barely the beginning of the route however, so don't expect it to be perfect.

Welcome to Thomas & Friends 3D!

Available now in the Downloads section. This is part of a project to make all characters in CGI form. Original models by SI3D, reskinning and hornsounds by me.

The final version of the Polar Express' whistle is now available on the Downloads page. The old link has been replaced.

trainz thomas content

I know I've been uploading a lot of Tweetsie related content lately, bear with me. In case you haven't noticed, most of the past posts and a lot of the items on the Downloads page have been removed. My most sincere apologies to the Sodor Island 3D team for reskinning their content when it wasn't allowed. Had I known, I wouldn't have done it.


Furthermore, my laptop is having problems of all kinds, so I won't be able to release any new content for a while had to make this update on my phone.

Site production stopped until further notice. Download links in the Downloads section. Also, the Tweetsie Content Pack is on its way to B. Comes with functional neon-blue piston rods, mask, and appropriated tender. Most of our early files were Archived ones instead of CDP.

trainz thomas content

I started correcting this with Dart Vader onward. J here. The new Star Wars pack is on its way, as well as some other surprises, but that's not the focus of this update.

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NOTE: If the character is not yours or belongs to someone else's fanfic, please ask them for permission before you ask us to create it. To request a character, go to the Contact page or ask us directly at twitter. This is not the final version, but I'm releasing a pack containing an improved Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and freight cars resembling other Star Wars characters.

Got a good amount of content uploaded tonight, and there's more on the way. Before long, all content will have an image to accompany it.

trainz thomas content

This is supposed to happen. I honestly just screw around with content sometimes, so you never know what crazy stuff is gonna end up here. We do not claim any of it as our own unless stated. Most of these, if not all, are simply reskins. If you have any requests, concerns, issues with content or etc, go to the Contact page and we will respond when we can.

All content is made for Trainz 12, though some of it should be compatible with previous versions of Trainz.Pictures of these are VERY hard to find, so some pictures may not be able to be shown. The Thomas model they have even has a 3d face. The eyes on this model move. Unknown if it has more than one version. You can do it, too! Thomas in Microsoft Train Simulator.

Standard Gauge. The eyes on this model do aswell. Like before, it's unknown if there is one more version. It is believed all models made by him for MSTS have moving eyes. Rolling Stock. Sorry about no picture, but you can still see them in the thomas picture. Sodor Island SIM. TVS Standard Gauge. Thomas the Tank Engine. This is the only MSTS model that we know of to have a 3d face with moving eyes. Edward the Blue Engine. Henry the Green Engine. They have made 2 versions of Henry. One for his old shape, and one for his new shape.

Gordon the Big Blue Engine. James the Red Engine. There are two versions of James, his normal version and his busy bee version. Percy the Small Engine. Sure, the eyes may not move, but he is the right shape, and has a better overall look. Toby the Tram Engine. Duck the Great Western Engine. Oliver the Great Western Engine Bill and Ben.Other aims of Lesto Route Works is to produce top quality steam era Loco, wagons, coaches and scenery objects.

While most of the routes and gmax projects are still under construction some have small teaser sections released. Others have been release as modules for you to incorporate into your own route. All finished routes will come with full documentation and ready to run driver sessions, all so that you can enjoy the routes as quickly as possible. A few small problems have been identified with the 9F locomotives. The main issue is when downloaded the Trainz download helper misses of some of the required dependencies, this inturn means the locos need checking in either Trainz Objectz or CMP to make sure they are complete.

A fix for this will be issued shortly, for those that already have the locomotives working correctly then their should be no need at the moment to download this fix. The other main problem identified is the numbers on the front smoke box number plate are not showing on Black Prince. This is a minor texture mapping issue and will be fixed along with the downloading problems. Good news wise, Evening Star is now available from the Download Station, a direct link to the pack is provided on the 9F webpage.

The missing tenders on the Download Station are now all correct and functioning, as such the missing tenders download link has now been removed. One problem has crept into the upload and that is of missing tenders. Auran have created the webpages for all of the tenders yet forgotten to actual upload the tender cdp's to the Download Station.

The missing tenders are currently available from the 9f web page and will remain avaiable until the 9F tenders are all present and correct on the DLS. Progress report wise, the Class 40 has been restarted again. The restart is due to feedback received from various Trainz community members who felt that the loco was not accurate enough and not to the standard I can produce A new screenshot of the current WIP Class 40 is now available for viewing on the Class 40 page, the existing screenshots in the page are currently left to provide a comparison to the old model.

Other new models that have begun since the last update is a Gresley N2 suburban tank engine, Peppercorn A2 pacific and a set of Mk2 coaches. More information on this models and associated web pages will appear in the new year. The Spalding ECML diversion route is progressing at a rapid pace, with a Christmas deadline set for it to be finished.

Currently the line from Spalding to Peakirk is complete, north of Spalding the line has all the scenery objects placed and just requires texturing. Amongst these improvments is a fix to the Rebuilt Merchant Navy to the kuid table, the fix should make the loco automaticly download any required dependencies. The other chief updates for these locos are some improvments to the twinkles effects and new more realistic enginespecs.

Work is progressing well on the ECML Spalding Diversion route, a new set of spline designed for this route have just been released. The new splines are a River Bank spline set, they are intended to help in the creation of many of Lincolnshires drainage dykes.

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They can also be used in the creation of larger river banks. A new page is up under the scenery menu with a small bit of information and pictures on these assets along with a website download link.

These assets will be uploaded to the Download station and as soon as they are up the link will be changed accordingly. After an extended period of web site problems Lesto Route Works has moved to a new host. With this move comes an update look to the web site with more information about what is going on. Non of these new locos or routes are released as of yet but they are progressing well. The main priority at the moment for Lesto Route Works is finishing a large part of the ECML Spalding diversion, teaser shots of parts of the route are now available on its dedicated page.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and New Year. Lesto Route Works certainly wasn't taking a break, and after many months of hard work we are pleased to announce the first of the LNER O4 Rod GCR 8k range of locos are complete and available for download of this web site. The manual has a complete kuid listing for all the assets used in the locos, if you have any problems please check firstly that you have ALL the kuids installed.

This route will also be used in the DPS cab simulator. After allot of hard work the Class 40 diesel loco is nearing completion. The loco body is now fully textured and mapped out in BR Blue, the body also feature bump mapping which will become a feature of all Lesto Route Works locos.Slick Thomas Trainz! Search this site. Here are some links to other websites related to Trainz Thomas and Friends content.

Some of those websites actually have the missing dependencies that you'll see in Content Manager, so be aware of that. Don't forget to visit my other pages!

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Sodor Workshops. Another great website with Trainz Thomas content, including Whiff, Ryan, and many other things. A lot of cool content for TrainzTrainzand Trainz Wild Nor Wester 3D. Some great made-up characters, as well as realistic versions of the classic Thomas characters we know and love. Hilltrack's Trainz Routes. Sodor Railways.

Crovans Gate Works. Cam Jones' new Trainz website, has some good content. Western Routes. The Trainz Empire. Run by people such as Skarloey Rheneas, Nerfherder, and other people, this website contains some great routes though they are for TS and up and some good models.

Sudrian Branchlines 3D. The Railway Works 3D. ZeldaBoy14 Production Works. Provides some good models of the Neighborhood Trolley from "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood", as well as some other Thomas characters and routes and models.

trainz thomas content

North Western Railway 3D. They haven't updated since April 22nd,but they still have a cool Hornby-ish model of Thomas, as well as a few routes and some other cool surprises. North Western Railways. TheFattHatt's reskins of old Thomas content.

The Trainz Sudrian Community. Has some reskins and some other stuff I guess. Kellsthorpe Works. Run by Mr. Lorgin, he offers some pretty good reskins such as the Bachmann Branchline E2's. The Sudrian Community.The earliest known history of Thomas content in TRS begins with MSTNoodle, a retired Trainzgineer who made simple yet lovable models and exported them to the game, eventually making them available for download.

Some argue he is the father of Thomas in Trainz. Sadly, after his retirement from Trainz, he asked people to stop distributing his models, and wanted them to vanish from history mostly his exact wording. Why he wanted this is unclear, but many say he doesn't want his models redistributed because many people began reskinning them, mostly into fan characters or OCs Original Characters. After he got famous for his TTTE models, other people tried to do the same.

SodorIsland3D is where the next stage began. After they released their Trainz models, the Trainz community and Thomas fandom seemed to merge like two giant waves.

Everyone was downloading content and remaking classic Thomas and Friends episodes in Trainz Simulator, and soon some began making their own stories. They strictly prohibit this behavour. One user in particular, TheFattHatt, reskinned their models without permission though he did do a good joband the site closed down a second time.

UKBL ran from around Trainzthen shut down, prohibiting the redistribution of their models and selling what remained.

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Such models like Murdoch where particularly popular. Magandy made models such as Devious Diesel that though not entirely accurate on looks where actually very popular. In MarchSodorIsland3D closed down and removed all their websites due to a user on DeviantArt who shall not be named uploading links to all of their and content on two separate occasions, despite them being told to stop and remove the links.

Buy TRS19 Here:

It is unclear if they will ever return, but it is also unlikely. This model remains downloadable on the Auran Dowload Station. The model went through many changes throughout the years, and eventually received a pantograph for moving eyes the only other MSTNoodle model to do this was Percy. He also has gone through some changes. A color change, and a different face. At first, Mstnoodle only released him in his new shape.

But when Version 3 was released, he finally got an old shape version and new faces. Supposedly, this model wasn't even finished, and not publicly released.From the people who bring you the Thomas content now it's avaliable for Trainz A must have for Thomas fans.

They are available in Standard Gauge and also Narrow Gauge. Sodor Workshops has some Thomas content but it mainly has Thomas reskins, still worth looking on though. Including routes and scenery items. A website which has many interesting routes including the Sodor Steamworks and the Sodor Depot. Trainz Stuff Online makes mainly routes although they may move to making loco skins in the future.

Sirgibby's TrainZone provides great Narrow Gauge content. Pages crammed full of content based around the narrow gauge scale track of 24 inches. This website has a large selection of British Steam and Diesel Locos to download as well as a few routes. Birch Island Railway Workshops makes brilliant sessions, routes and rolling stock.

There are also a collection of loadable items. You can do it, too! This page will show you the best content sites for Trainz. Please click the image to go to the page.

Full Scale Content. Lesto Route Works. Paulz Trainz. Sodor Island 3D - Si3D. Sodor Island 3D - Si3D Trainz stores additional content and user settings separately from the Trainz installation folder. A platform-specific default path is used, which can be accessed in your platform-specific file manager as described below. This folder may grow to a substantial size over time. If required, you may specify an alternate location for storing your content. These instructions apply to TANE build and above.

From the launcher of any Trainz installation, you can click the "Trainz Settings" button and then switch to the "Install" tab to see the full path to that installation's local data folder.

You can navigate directly to that path using your system's file manager, however please keep in mind that the parent folders of the default location may be hidden on some systems so simply starting at the top level of your computer and working your way down may not work. In order to navigate directly to the local data folder's default location, the following steps can be used:. At this location you will see one or more local data folders, corresponding with your various Trainz installations.

The name of each folder here includes a random character string which has no meaning but simply allows for multiple installs to coexist without overwriting each other's data files. You will also find a text file at this location named "userdata-redirect-map.

While it is possible to hand-edit this file using a program such as WordPad. You will also find a file at this location named "userdata-redirect-map. It is typically not possible to hand-edit this file due to the way that Mac OS X encodes file paths.

Sometimes your Local Data Folder can end up with corrupt data. In this case, the solution is to create a new folder which contains no 3rd party content. Jump to: navigationsearch. Categories : TRS19 Help. Views Help page Discussion View source History. Personal tools Log in. Contents 1 Locating your Local Data Folder 1.